6 Positive Experiences in Auroville

The Beauty of Auroville | Picture Credit www.auroville.org

The Beauty of Auroville | Picture Credit www.auroville.org


Auroville and Optimism go hand in hand. There is not a single moment during your stay in Auroville that you will feel negative or frustrated. Here are few of my experiences of Auroville that brought me closer to Nature, loving life and being positive.

  1. Dipping Feet in Fish Pond at Verite

Update- Please Note: This fish pond in Verite is now closed for general public. It is only open for the guests of Verite.

You sit there for hours dipping your feet in a special pond where fishes nibble and give you a pedicure. Though, recently many fish spa centres have opened up in metros too but nothing can match what they have in Auroville.  Open skies, transparent water, fragrant ambience and sweet quietness. You can relax and clear your head along with enjoying a unique experience.


  1. Simple South Indian Breakfast

Early in the morning, I would walk up to Ganesha Bakery, sit at a corner table, open my jhoola, take out a book and wait for my breakfast. Within few minutes, a lady of short and roundish stature would serve steaming hot idlis dipped in sambhar with a smile. I guess more than the breakfast it was her smile and the simple innocence of the act that brought me here. What a way to begin your day!

  1. Auroville Library


I am a huge fan of libraries not just for the wealth of knowledge they have to offer but also for the culture of quietness and discipline. Where else can you find such peace. So, needless to say Auroville library was my favourite hangout during sultry afternoons. Library was usually cool and quiet, a heavenly combination. But what I like most about the place was this person in-charge or librarian. He was a well-read, lean man who would move around in a khadi kurta, always arranging books and eager to help readers. Every time I would sign the register before leaving, he would ask what I was reading and indulge in a thoughtful discussion. Many a times he offered me little books, completely free as gifts! I totally love gifts and if that is a book then nothing better than that. Those books find a pride position in my library for the gesture with which it was handed. He rewarded and appreciated my reading inclination.

  1. Peacock Dance

It is so rare to find a peacock in cities,except on zoo visit. So, I got super excited when I saw peacocks roaming around in numbers around houses in Auroville. I was staying at Myriam’s house which had a huge garden, though the house itself was small. And every morning you are woken up by the sound of peacock (though not a please ant one) and sight of their breathtaking beauty at such close quarters.

  1. Simple living

A young girl dressed in simple clothes working in the Auroville farms, cycling her way to eat lunch from solar kitchen is a common sight in Auroville. No flashy cars, clothes or gadgets- that has become an inseparable part of your identity and objects of show-off in cities.

6. Wellpaper Women

I was working with this NGO that helped Tsunami hit women restart their life by making products from recycled paper. The concept it stands for is, “Women’s Empowerment through Local Livelihood”.


Just to cite an example of what type of women we are talking about here are a few line spicked from their site (content written by me, so no plagarism here :))- WELL is a story of hope and growth. As Poorani of Sri Mother unit says: “At the beginning I was scared to make mistakes but now I have more self confidence.” Aside from financial independence, interactions with WELL Paper have taken the women to the higher levels of courage and self esteem. They have grown as people and learned to take charge of their life and family, their company, and society at large. They have empowered themselves by making decisions and being responsible for their own company.

Read More About Wellpaper

Staying amidst such an atmosphere fills you with resilience to fight with your problems, bring inner peace and stay in a joyful mood.

I learnt to smile – simple and honest smile – a joyful smile not the pretentious one!




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