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#LoveJatao Before It Is Too Late | Happy Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day! My busy and hectic life didn’t let me think about any such frivolous, Archie’s marketing induced specific day celebration until I got a call from Kalpana. She called me to check if I was participating in this celebration for grandparents. And, it is then that it struck me that my granny was really

Explore Planets With My Kid #ColgateMagicalStories –

I am a travel blogger and today I will admit that I did wish for planet voyaging.  However, the adult mind would negate these silly thoughts with reason and logic, and I would stick to exploring planet Earth for this lifetime. Well, there are some wishes that do come true and mine too did, though with a

Chapter 31 –Driving Towards Goa Tanvi Realizes Impact of Sanitation Problem For Women

Tanvi had fond memories of Goa. She had been to Goa a few years back with her office colleagues. She lied at home that she was going for an important office meeting to Mumbai. She also pulled in a few friends to lie for her so as to make it look real. Her mom was

10 Handy Packing Hacks When You Go Skiing This Winter

Where are you going for skiing this winter- Auli, Kufri, Manali, or Srinagar? Gliding down the silky, satin white snow-capped slopes is both fascinating and adventurous. If you are 35 already and haven’t yet enjoyed skiing then you are surely missing out on something in life. It is an experience worth indulging into. People going

6 Positive Experiences in Auroville

  Auroville and Optimism go hand in hand. There is not a single moment during your stay in Auroville that you will feel negative or frustrated. Here are few of my experiences of Auroville that brought me closer to Nature, loving life and being positive. Dipping Feet in Fish Pond at Verite Update- Please Note:

Quikr Helping Children Dream by Giving Books in Their Hands

Quikr and Blogadda gave me this opportunity to help children dream by giving book sin their hands. Here is an account of the journey I undertook to make a seemingly impossible task possible and to spread smiles. There is no substitute for books in the life of a child. —May Ellen Chase Stereotype Mindset When

A Letter By An Army Cadet to his Parents

This is a real letter written by an Army cadet to his parents. This letter gives a glimpse  of a cadet’s life and how from a lazy, mamma’s boy these young boys transform into disciplined officers. No melodrama, no exaggeration. Just real letter!   Dear Baba and Mamma, At last after 2 days of hectic

Team Wordoholics’ Inside Story- Meet the bloggers

“If you do not tell the truth about yourself you cannot tell it about other people.”  —Virginia Wolf The Game of blogs contest organized by Blogadda is not just another contest; it is turning out to be so much more. We, bloggers are learning new things and unlearning what we already knew. Our thoughts and

The Naked Girl Dream

Team – Wordoholics Chapter – 6 Click to read chapter 5 by Anunoy     It was pitch dark and an eerie quiet. I don’t know why and how I came here. Even the sounds of rustling leaves beneath my feet were as loud as a canon shot. I was twitching and rubbing my eyes

Post Baby Honeymoon in Goa

My current situation Married to an Army Officer. Posted to a remote mountain with nobody to talk to. No malls, no shopping, no resturant. Limited electricity, bad phone and internet connectivity (how many days it took me to post this blog only I know). To make you feel the pathos of this situation let me

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