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Chapter 42 – The End Or The New Beginning Of Life’s Navigation?

Tanvi decided to stay in Auroville for a longer period. She was enjoying her work here. She wanted to learn the nuances and planned to start something of similar genre. What exactly was yet not clear? Though, she was hopeful that when the right comes the Mother will guide her towards the same. It was

Chapter 41 – Consciousness Awakening Impact At Matrimandir, Auroville

Photo Credit: Sandrine Denier| Lilaloka | Tanvi was excited for today finally it was the day to enter and experience Matrimandir in Auroville. She was supposed to reach the gates of Matrimandir by 7 in the morning. She ate a light breakfast, wore a cotton white suit and walked upto Matrimandir. There was a

Chapter 40 – Impact of Tsunami

Tanvi woke up next morning amidst the playful sound of peacocks roaming freely in the garden. Sun rays were peeping from the breezy curtains. She was not an early riser but the natural beauty outside was so inviting that she didn’t mind going for a walk. Mud roads lined with canopy trees, different species of

Chapter 39 – Life Altering Fantastico Experiences To Begin In Auroville

It was a fresh and bright morning. There was no hangover of the past night for it had been an illuminating discussion over her experiences, catching up on latest trends in ecommerce, listening to a few startup ideas and getting ideas about how she can be an acclaimed travel blogger who can earn by getting

Chapter 38 –  Navigating Past Bengaluru Tanvi Leaves Corporate Rut Behind

photo credit: A solo work in the middle of a sea of lights via photopin (license) Tanvi’s next and final destination for this leg of journey was Auroville. Goa to Pondicherry was a long run and it was interesting how Tanvi was challenging herself every time taking a bit more distance, a bit more driving

Chapter 37 – Navigating Through The Other Side Of Goa, The Quieter Side

Tanvi was dressed in a simple white maxi dress and flats. She wore a single sea shell string around her neck. Tanvi looked elegant and gorgeous. They drove to Britto’s located on Baga – Calangute road, especially famous for their deserts to savour lunch. This shack style restaurant overlooking the sea had a relaxing feel. People

Chapter 34 – Rave Party in Goa – Narrowly Escaping The Wrong Navigation

They kept walking in dark following a trail. All they could hear was the sound of the waves. It was getting so dark in the alleys that one had to use mobile screen to see the step ahead. It had been almost 20 minutes since they started walking but only eerie silence around. Was it

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