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Explore Hong Kong on Foot – A New Side of Hong Kong

My Hong Kong travel was not part of any plan or a holiday. It just happened. With husband’s short term assignment in this country and my full time job, it was hard to accompany him for the four months that he was going to be away. So, we made up a plan and decided to

See Kolkata, the Offbeat style

Kolkata is a sanctuary of art, culture, cuisine, heritage and history. Known as birthplace of intellectuals and historic moments it is home to great artistic minds. Kolkata was created by the British merchants, although they looted the maximum wealth from the city, but they managed to add value to this beautiful city. You can still

Lansdowne Weekend Getaway Madness – Day 2

A Quick Recap of Day One Four girls on a Lansdowne weekend getaway road drive. They reach the quiet cantonment town of Lansdowne and settle themselves at a resort, followed by exploring the touristy places on foot. Click to read about Lansdowne Madness Day 1 Day Two Begins with Tarkeshwar Temple Visit Day two of

Lansdowne Weekend Getaway Madness

I’ve wanted to visit Lansdowne, a quiet hill town in the Garhwal hills of Uttrakhand, ever since I heard of the place. Alas, it would seem that my desire to see it was always jinxed despite planning and plotting many times. But it finally happened in July. I was finally on my way to Lansdowne

Offbeat tourist destination in Kashmir, Gool

The travel bug has bitten me since my teen days. I remember my journeys to offbeat destinations and then penning down my experiences as memoirs. It was always so much fun to read them after a few years. People eulogise about Kashmir, a place that is any traveller’s dream trip. An unsatisfied traveller like me

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