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Chapter 19 – Travelling to Peppy Pink City – Jaipur

Tanvi brought a few bottles of pepper spray to keep in the car and her purse, after all, a young woman travelling solo on roads in India is a tough deal. Her spirit was more cautious now but not deterred. She got her car checked and refuelled. Tanvi packed her bags, conveyed her heartfelt thanks

Contrasting Colours of Rajasthan – A Photo Blog

This photo blog is a humble attempt to bring forth the contrasting colours of Rajasthan. Experience the kaleidoscope and be intrigues to explore this land. Do share your experience of this colourful and most travelled state of India – Rajasthan

Road Drive And Cows, Random Clicks

One of the advantages of a road drive is the random things that you experience. A cow deciding to shit right in the middle of the road or parks herself right in front of a milestone when you desperately wish to know the kilometers ahead. Road drive and cows have an innate connection. Though West

Ramleela and Dussehra as Celebrated by 70% Indians

I happened to be in Bikaner, Rajasthan around Dussehra this year and chanced upon a Ramleela procession. Small town, simple people and rustic flavour of the celebration amuses and wins your heart instantly. I am sure a lot of you can relate to this and must have seen and enjoyed it as a kid. Life

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