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Chapter 28 – Peppy And Inspiring Blind Photographer Maddy

photo credit: I want my ❤ Back via photopin (license) “I am here on a photography assignment contracted by Rajasthan Tourism Board. I have to capture the essence of Rajasthan. I don’t have sight, as you already know by now. So, I use my sense of touch, smell and simply my heart to shoot. And,

Contrasting Colours of Rajasthan – A Photo Blog

This photo blog is a humble attempt to bring forth the contrasting colours of Rajasthan. Experience the kaleidoscope and be intrigues to explore this land. Do share your experience of this colourful and most travelled state of India – Rajasthan

8 Photos & Stories of Sadhus That Will Break The Stereotype Image

India is a land of eccentricities! Call them Sadhus, Yogis and sometimes even glorified beggars you are sure to find them in the every corner. No journey in India is complete without a glimpse, experience (both good and bad) or interaction with a sadhu. My first real interaction with a sadhu was when I was

School Chale Hum…

  Apni hi dhun mei, apni hi masti mei Savere, savera, dosto ke ghere mei School chale hum   This photography is by Soumendra, a budding photographer with a keen observation.

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