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#LoveJatao Before It Is Too Late | Happy Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day! My busy and hectic life didn’t let me think about any such frivolous, Archie’s marketing induced specific day celebration until I got a call from Kalpana. She called me to check if I was participating in this celebration for grandparents. And, it is then that it struck me that my granny was really

Epilogue – Impact Of Blogging Marathon

Phew! Finally today is the last day and this is the last post of this series called Blogging Marathon. Though, I don’t want to end this story for it has become a part of me and my daily life through this one month. Juggling between household chores, my naughty kid, and my weight loss regime,

Chapter 42 – The End Or The New Beginning Of Life’s Navigation?

Tanvi decided to stay in Auroville for a longer period. She was enjoying her work here. She wanted to learn the nuances and planned to start something of similar genre. What exactly was yet not clear? Though, she was hopeful that when the right comes the Mother will guide her towards the same. It was

Chapter 34 – Rave Party in Goa – Narrowly Escaping The Wrong Navigation

They kept walking in dark following a trail. All they could hear was the sound of the waves. It was getting so dark in the alleys that one had to use mobile screen to see the step ahead. It had been almost 20 minutes since they started walking but only eerie silence around. Was it

Chapter 31 –Driving Towards Goa Tanvi Realizes Impact of Sanitation Problem For Women

Tanvi had fond memories of Goa. She had been to Goa a few years back with her office colleagues. She lied at home that she was going for an important office meeting to Mumbai. She also pulled in a few friends to lie for her so as to make it look real. Her mom was

Chapter 30 – Fantastico Love Story – Fall In Love With Yourself

The next morning Tanvi and Maddy took a tour of Bikaner. There was no schedule to follow. They just wanted to enjoy and with Maddy’s tongue in cheek humour there was never a dull moment. The tour of Lalgarh Palace, the main tourist spot of Bikaner and its royal anecdotes was enchanting. The Prachina museum

Chapter 26 – Royally Fantastico Bikaner

Suhasini froze. She wasn’t crying. She sat blankly looking at that piece of paper. Tears were rolling down Tanvi’s eyes. She had never seen such an unusual love story. When Suhasini was running behind false sense of freedom, it was the new husband who experienced true freedom. And, when the new husband dutifully fulfilled all

Chapter 25 – Impact Of Love Letter From The New Husband

Suhasini’s hands were shaking while opening the letter. She knew it was from him, and getting a letter meant that he is not coming. Dear Suhasini, I think this is the first love letter that I am writing to you. This may not be the ideal format of a love letter but trust me, every

Chapter 24 – Impact of Stranger Husband

“That was one hell of a story”, Tanvi gasped. Her heart knew that every word Suhasini said was true but her mind wasn’t able to assess this twisted love story. “Did you accept his solution? How come you are in Ajmer? And, is today the day of judgement for you? Did you find someone else?”

Chapter 23 – Thunderbolt Turn In Life’s Navigation – From Honeymoon Couple To Strangers

Suhasini cried through the night. Her eyes were red and puffed. She felt completely lost and alone. Her parents will never accept her back. The social stigma of a married girl being thrown out of her in-laws house is a big embarrassment. She wanted to commit suicide. That was the only way left for her

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