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Chapter 31 –Driving Towards Goa Tanvi Realizes Impact of Sanitation Problem For Women

Tanvi had fond memories of Goa. She had been to Goa a few years back with her office colleagues. She lied at home that she was going for an important office meeting to Mumbai. She also pulled in a few friends to lie for her so as to make it look real. Her mom was

Chapter 16 – The Horrendous Impact of Road Rage

The situation was now getting dangerous. They were 5 men in the car. While one was driving, four were actively engaged in abusing them. Tanvi took out her mobile and started to shoot a video. Social media is quite strong these days and is really effective in shaming such people and road rage nuisance. Though

Chapter 15 – From Off-Roading Adventure To Road Rage – Only Good Navigation Sees You Through

Open air jeep gliding past the romantic roads of Chandigarh, lined with flower-laden trees, cool breeze of spring, and a handsome dude by her side – What more could have Tanvi asked for? It was a scene straight out of her dreams. And then they left the city behind. There was a sparsely populated village,

I am not pregnant. I am fighting infertility

Relatives are so kind these days. Of course, they have to be kind. It is 2013 and they are so called ‘educated’, ‘modern’ people. They give you ONE full year to enjoy before they start pestering you with the most irritating question, “So when is the good news?” Bollywood has played its role in over

The 3B Party – Baby, Biryani and Bollywood

It’s been 10 years and my sister is struggling to have a baby. 5 miscarriages, 2 failed IVF and the hope still continues. I am confident didi will surely get answers to all her prayers soon, very soon. And when that day comes I will throw her a grand saadh party, where friends, relatives and

Intelligent product-iball mobile for senior citizen- a blog post dedicated to my dad

I saw this advertisement of mobile designed especially for senior citizen, very thoughtful product and very useful.  It has this button which if pressed in an emergency situation will automatically send emergency alert message to 5 people….must for every senior citizen. Imagine this device being a life saver and when most of the youngsters stay

Go Organic – Series I

These cloth shopping bags are cool n smart, you can match them with your dress, design them out of anything you wish to…go designer. They are very economical, sturdy, can be washed and ready for reuse………..and to top it all, they are very environmental friendly. All you need is to be conscious, make a small effort and carry them when going shopping or just keep one in-car and one in your purse. It need to make such small changes, think about.

Being a housewife is not a measuring rod of personality

…………”listen I am not wasting my time or getting bored or living an undignified , speck of dirt life….just because I am a housewife” . I have my clear priorities , will work as per my choice and passion. it is not alwasy important to pick up a 9-5 high glam job……….I am a teacher, I love my job……..I multi task as a website content writer..I do lot of blogging and experiment with so many new ideas and explore things……….unlike you who sticks to one job, leaves her kids with maids and then perpetually living a hypocrite confused life.”

Ok i am not against women who work, I have high regards for them………..all I want is ——–do not measure smartness and personality of a women based on the undignified common notion of “oh , a housewife” . Here I recall an incident, this was the time when I working…..I had a weird fear of travelling alone in aeroplane, and a relative of mine tried to cheer me up by saying…” hey , don’t behave like a typical housewife…you are much smarter”…………….WTH …is this the genric notion

Driver License— seems like a farce

I hope only this RTO was lazy and RTO’s of other places are strict and upright with their job…..yes I can only hope……..and so can all of us that we are not hit on road by a driver who has been given license by such a RTO….well, just a thought ….do these RTO’s have any conscience and on a lighter side just imagine a situation when such an RTO my Mr L( Mr. Learner license) is hit himself and he shouts “Don’t you know how to drive properly…bloody hell…who gave you the it to me, I will seize it”…………….and the driver says “Sir , you gave me the license” and then I , the writer will say “Does this put some sense in you in Mr. L” hmmm…quite a sadist pleasure for the writer…..

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