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Epilogue – Impact Of Blogging Marathon

Phew! Finally today is the last day and this is the last post of this series called Blogging Marathon. Though, I don’t want to end this story for it has become a part of me and my daily life through this one month. Juggling between household chores, my naughty kid, and my weight loss regime,

When Will I Get Top Post on Indiblogger Badge?

It is 3 am in the middle of night and my seven month old baby just got up and cried away.  So I fed him and cradled him back to sleep. Within minutes he fell fast asleep. Unfortunately, I am not a baby (how I wish I was) so I can’t fall asleep. What do

The 3B Party – Baby, Biryani and Bollywood

It’s been 10 years and my sister is struggling to have a baby. 5 miscarriages, 2 failed IVF and the hope still continues. I am confident didi will surely get answers to all her prayers soon, very soon. And when that day comes I will throw her a grand saadh party, where friends, relatives and

Little hope, little sugar

We middle class simply know how to be happy. The Great Indian Middle Class:) I will be happy I will keep dreaming I will keep striving to reach them… ————————- Zindagi tum ab mujhe pareshan kar nahi sakti Kyon ki ab maine tumhare imtihan se darna chor diya hai

7 Things I Realized During Back Pain And A Bonus Point

I twisted my spine on a Sunday morning and was suffering from unbearable back pain. I couldn’t move even an inch and was restricted to my bed in a particular angle. I needed someone to help me turn and had to drink water using a straw. I guess you can visualize my pathetic situation. As I  am writing

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who has the toughest job of all

Whenever I am on the road and see a traffic policeman amidst, all the pollution, sun and rain rendering his job, I kind of feel like this. I know there is ill fame for them – traffic police don’t do their job properly, they try to fleece money etc etc…..but come to think of it, if we just focus on the nature of their job, I think they have the hardest job.Risk of life, lower salary and all this coupled with lesser or no respect of the job by geral society…hmmm I guess these points make the job toughest of all.

I can not imagine myself standing on the road giving directiions, even for an hour!

Being a housewife is not a measuring rod of personality

…………”listen I am not wasting my time or getting bored or living an undignified , speck of dirt life….just because I am a housewife” . I have my clear priorities , will work as per my choice and passion. it is not alwasy important to pick up a 9-5 high glam job……….I am a teacher, I love my job……..I multi task as a website content writer..I do lot of blogging and experiment with so many new ideas and explore things……….unlike you who sticks to one job, leaves her kids with maids and then perpetually living a hypocrite confused life.”

Ok i am not against women who work, I have high regards for them………..all I want is ——–do not measure smartness and personality of a women based on the undignified common notion of “oh , a housewife” . Here I recall an incident, this was the time when I working…..I had a weird fear of travelling alone in aeroplane, and a relative of mine tried to cheer me up by saying…” hey , don’t behave like a typical housewife…you are much smarter”…………….WTH …is this the genric notion

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