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Reunion Of Gods At Nelang Valley | Published In The Times Of India

This article was first published in The Times Of India. Recently, on June 13th, a mela was held in Jadhang village inside Nelang valley, a forbidden area for commoners where one can enter only with permit or special permission. Lal devta is the presiding God of this area of Nelang who is also worshipped among

Groundnut fair in Bangalore

Indian rituals and customs never fail to surprise me. In India we have a cattle fair, a place where a bullet motorcycle is worshiped, a day when you can put your proxy for not praying through the year…the list of interesting festivals and fairs is endless. Just the other day while I was chatting with

Janmashtami Festival Celebrations in India’s Small Cities

When we were kids Janmashtami festival celebrations was an event of hyper excitement and enthusiasm. Jhanki decoration ideas, planning, material collection and execution began days in ahead. Door to door fund collection and daily practice for the cultural program was our top priority. Ah! Gone are the days of such elementariness and excitement. Well, this

Ramleela and Dussehra as Celebrated by 70% Indians

I happened to be in Bikaner, Rajasthan around Dussehra this year and chanced upon a Ramleela procession. Small town, simple people and rustic flavour of the celebration amuses and wins your heart instantly. I am sure a lot of you can relate to this and must have seen and enjoyed it as a kid. Life

Bhar lo Diwali Mei Rang, Rabri-Rasgulla Fudge ke Sang… Happy Diwali

Wishing my readers a very happy and fun Diwali with my home-made sweet. There was a mithai making competition in my office, MakeMyTrip. After a lot of deliberation and discussion, I decided to participate…and the fun began. In true Bengali fashion, I prepared rasgulla and rabri with a twist. Guess what is the twist ?

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