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9 Gastronomic Travel Experiences That Every Foodie Must Explore

When you travel and you stumble upon some great food experience you are like ‘ ab travel ka maaja aa gaya boss”. Well! that’s exactly what happened to me when I found these food joints hidden in alleys of famous tourist destination or a food item that is a specialty of a particular place. Here

Chapter 20 – The Impact Of Journey – From Being A Tourist To A Traveller

The next morning, Jaipur city exploration continued. Tanvi visited the grandiose City Palace, palatial Nahargarh Fort, resplendent Jaigarh Fort, reflective Jal Mahal, verdant Rambagh Palace and, pristine Birla Mandir. This was the first time that Tanvi was being a true traveller – she was inquisitive about the history, she was attentive to architectural details, she

10 Experiences of a North Indian In Chennai

A North Indian in Chennai feels both apprehension and excitement. I, too, went through the same process when my husband got posting orders for Chennai. Apprehensive because I have never been down South, not even as tourist and my mind was hazed by common stereotypes that a regular North Indian has for South India. Added

Love for Food and Kolkata

In 2012, right in the peak of my career I got so bored in life that I quit my job, bought a ticket, flew to the city of joy, Kolkata and fell in love with photography. Trust me, Kolkata vacation was the cheapest holiday so much so that I extended my trip to four months.

Perfect Meal At Auroville- Can I recreate it?

Scanning through the Borosil website, admiring the crockery – elegant, feminine and classy I was nostalgically reminisces of that perfect meal I had in Auroville and how I wish I could recreate that magical platter and serve it in such Borosil’s beautiful crockery. In 2010, I was in Auroville to volunteer for Wellpaper, an NGO to help

My experiences with alternative treatments

This story is written from my life experiences. How and why I started my journey to find alternative treatments. Infertility treatments had drained me out both physically and mentally. I was caught in a vicious cycle of hope, rigorous medical treatment, failure of treatment, depression and again fighting back towards hope. It was the year

The New Year Resolutions And Travel

Firstly, wish you all a very Happy new year! Don’t blame me for wishing late. I need a weekend to blog and this is the first weekend of the year. Well, finally I am ready with my New Year resolutions list and guess what? Travel finds its due respect. I had been postponing traveling every

Top 5 Places Where Travel, Religion and Food Meet

For me religion is a holistic experience – it is about food, shopping, anecdotes, fairy-tale stories, history and above all, Travel. My dad is a deeply religious person. So invariably every summer vacation we would travel to a place with religion at its core. Thus, my tryst with travel began with religion. Religious places in

Avoid Congested Shimla, Go To Chail

Whenever you talk of Himachal Tourism it is Shimla that gets the maximum publicity. I agree Shimla is a beautiful tourist town and has a charm of its own. However, if you are a mad traveller like us and want to explore beyond the hyped tourist places then Chail is your go to tourist destination.

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