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Chapter 37 – Navigating Through The Other Side Of Goa, The Quieter Side

Tanvi was dressed in a simple white maxi dress and flats. She wore a single sea shell string around her neck. Tanvi looked elegant and gorgeous. They drove to Britto’s located on Baga – Calangute road, especially famous for their deserts to savour lunch. This shack style restaurant overlooking the sea had a relaxing feel. People

Chapter 36 – Learning About Freedom – Surging Ahead On The Path Of Right Navigation

The next day Tanvi woke up with a splitting headache. She was in a cozy looking room with dark curtains drawn; a small table lamp kept on the bedside table gave a yellow hue to the small room. Last she remembered was being on the beach. How did she come here from the beach and

Chapter 35 – Impact Of Hallucination – Facing The Fears

Tanvi’s body had turned limp; she fell on the sandy beach with a thump. Water was coming upto her ankle and sometimes her knees. High tide was coming. Tanvi was facing her fears. “Freedom, is this the freedom I was running behind?”There were thousands of contrasting thoughts crossing her mind. “How shallow was I to

Chapter 33 – In Search of Psychedelic Music In Goa

North Goa was buzzing with people, music, food and dance. You don’t even need to enter a disco to groove. Big screens in the portico of hotels, seating arrangements made in the open and all forms of music – afro jazz, electro, fusion, trance – coming in from all sides and merging into one melodious

Chapter 32 –  Peppy Spirit of Goa

The moment you cross the border and enter you know you are in Goa. You don’t need any road signs to tell you that you are in Goa. There is something in the air of Goa. And, that is the reason people from all across India and world throng this small beach state, almost all

Chapter 23 – Thunderbolt Turn In Life’s Navigation – From Honeymoon Couple To Strangers

Suhasini cried through the night. Her eyes were red and puffed. She felt completely lost and alone. Her parents will never accept her back. The social stigma of a married girl being thrown out of her in-laws house is a big embarrassment. She wanted to commit suicide. That was the only way left for her

Post Baby Honeymoon in Goa

My current situation Married to an Army Officer. Posted to a remote mountain with nobody to talk to. No malls, no shopping, no resturant. Limited electricity, bad phone and internet connectivity (how many days it took me to post this blog only I know). To make you feel the pathos of this situation let me

Lesser Known Place To Visit in Goa

This is about a unique and romantic place in Goa. We don’t want it to get crowded. So, keep this information to yourself. Don’t share this blog. Everybody knows Goa is the most romantic destination. Scenic beaches, warm weather, free flow of music and liquor, Goa is the perfect place to be with your special one.

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