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Chapter 18 – Bidding Adieu To Chandigarh – The City Fantastico

Major Dalbir was dressed in combat uniform with the beret tilted on the left and Rayban classic sunglasses. He looked crisp. Gypsy was waiting outside with a uniformed driver waiting besides the door. Dalbir was ready to leave. His father, mother and little sister were standing in a perfect semi-circle under the porch. Tanvi was

Chapter 16 – The Horrendous Impact of Road Rage

The situation was now getting dangerous. They were 5 men in the car. While one was driving, four were actively engaged in abusing them. Tanvi took out her mobile and started to shoot a video. Social media is quite strong these days and is really effective in shaming such people and road rage nuisance. Though

Chapter 15 – From Off-Roading Adventure To Road Rage – Only Good Navigation Sees You Through

Open air jeep gliding past the romantic roads of Chandigarh, lined with flower-laden trees, cool breeze of spring, and a handsome dude by her side – What more could have Tanvi asked for? It was a scene straight out of her dreams. And then they left the city behind. There was a sparsely populated village,

Chapter 14 – Navigating Towards – Love Or Crush?

The knock on the door grew harder and louder. Tanvi got up startled with kajal smeared cheeks, her hair dishevelled and a peck of dried out white saliva besides the right side of the lip. She got up alarmed at the constant banging on door. Tanvi was terrified, anticipating something dreadful; she clutched the razai

Chapter 13 – Tanvi’s Stay At Major Dalbir’s Fantastico House

Tanvi was pleasantly surprised when the thud-thud of metallic beauty Thunderbird came to a halt. It was a ‘kothi’ as they say in Chandigarh – A palatial house with a huge black gate and a sentry sitting outside protecting the house. Sentry gave a crisp salute and opened one half of the gate for sahib.

Chapter 12 – Fantastico Hospitality of Chandigarh

Tanvi got up to go but felt light-headed. The vertigo made her lose balance and she was about to embarrassingly fall down, had it not been for a young guy who caught her by the waist and helped Tanvi get back on feet. “Are you fine, Mam”, said the charming man balancing his DSLR in

Off Roading in Chandigarh

This was my first off- roading adventure trip and what better city to experience this adrenalin gushing adventure than Chandigarh. A place where people are venturesome enough to try new things and are blessed with sexy jeeps. We choose a bright, sunny Sunday to try off roading in Chandigarh. I was the only newbie in the group while

Kasauli – The Weekend Gateway

Stressed at work? Totally bugged up? And to top it all, it’s a Friday. Don’t sulk! Go on pamper yourself in this quiet hill station – Kasauli. Close to Chandigarh, just one and half hours drive; Kasauli is the perfect gateway for Delhites. Just shout TGIF and hop on to the Volvo bus or a

Chandigarh – The City Beautiful

Chandigarh is the city beautiful! And now that I am close to saying goodbye to this city, I feel nostalgic. This piece, is a mark of respect to the city. For me, Chandigarh is and will always remain special as it helped me with 2 C’s – CAR & CAREER – I learnt to drive

Avoid Congested Shimla, Go To Chail

Whenever you talk of Himachal Tourism it is Shimla that gets the maximum publicity. I agree Shimla is a beautiful tourist town and has a charm of its own. However, if you are a mad traveller like us and want to explore beyond the hyped tourist places then Chail is your go to tourist destination.

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