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8 Exclusive Travel Experiences For Kids

“Engaging a child positively while travelling is a task in itself” I am sure all hassled parents must be nodding in ‘Aye’ at this. We want to take our kids to a destination where they can learn something and have meaningful experience to bring back home. Thus, I crafted this list of 8 exclusive travel

3 Hidden Valleys Of Uttarakhand (Special Permit Required To Travel) – Nelang, Naga, Jadung

Nelang, Naga and Jadung are teh 3 hidden valleys of Uttarakhand which fall in the Harshil Sub-division. Nelang valley was the old trade route between India and Tibet. The wooden bridge through which supplies were transported using Yaks stills exists. The bridge clinging to the mountain is an awe-inspiring scene. Around 4 kilometers ahead of

Chapter 37 – Navigating Through The Other Side Of Goa, The Quieter Side

Tanvi was dressed in a simple white maxi dress and flats. She wore a single sea shell string around her neck. Tanvi looked elegant and gorgeous. They drove to Britto’s located on Baga – Calangute road, especially famous for their deserts to savour lunch. This shack style restaurant overlooking the sea had a relaxing feel. People

Chapter 30 – Fantastico Love Story – Fall In Love With Yourself

The next morning Tanvi and Maddy took a tour of Bikaner. There was no schedule to follow. They just wanted to enjoy and with Maddy’s tongue in cheek humour there was never a dull moment. The tour of Lalgarh Palace, the main tourist spot of Bikaner and its royal anecdotes was enchanting. The Prachina museum

The Convenient Hindu Religion

As a travel writer I have always been intrigued by the religious customs and practices of the place I am visiting. You can easily Google and find tons of information on what to see, what to eat and where to shop but you won’t easily know about the social and religious practices that the people

Lansdowne Weekend Getaway Madness – Day 2

A Quick Recap of Day One Four girls on a Lansdowne weekend getaway road drive. They reach the quiet cantonment town of Lansdowne and settle themselves at a resort, followed by exploring the touristy places on foot. Click to read about Lansdowne Madness Day 1 Day Two Begins with Tarkeshwar Temple Visit Day two of

Lansdowne Weekend Getaway Madness

I’ve wanted to visit Lansdowne, a quiet hill town in the Garhwal hills of Uttrakhand, ever since I heard of the place. Alas, it would seem that my desire to see it was always jinxed despite planning and plotting many times. But it finally happened in July. I was finally on my way to Lansdowne

Offbeat tourist destination in Kashmir, Gool

The travel bug has bitten me since my teen days. I remember my journeys to offbeat destinations and then penning down my experiences as memoirs. It was always so much fun to read them after a few years. People eulogise about Kashmir, a place that is any traveller’s dream trip. An unsatisfied traveller like me

Lesser Known Place To Visit in Goa

This is about a unique and romantic place in Goa. We don’t want it to get crowded. So, keep this information to yourself. Don’t share this blog. Everybody knows Goa is the most romantic destination. Scenic beaches, warm weather, free flow of music and liquor, Goa is the perfect place to be with your special one.

Avoid Congested Shimla, Go To Chail

Whenever you talk of Himachal Tourism it is Shimla that gets the maximum publicity. I agree Shimla is a beautiful tourist town and has a charm of its own. However, if you are a mad traveller like us and want to explore beyond the hyped tourist places then Chail is your go to tourist destination.

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