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Top 5 Rajasthan Cities From A Travel Blogger’s Lens

I have always been in love with Rajasthan. The moment you enter any part of Rajasthan you feel like a royalty. There is something in the air – chin up, chest out, grace and dignity personified – Padharo Maro Desh Re. This blog is my khatta-meetha opinion on Rajasthan cities from a travel blogger’s lens.

Chapter 30 – Fantastico Love Story – Fall In Love With Yourself

The next morning Tanvi and Maddy took a tour of Bikaner. There was no schedule to follow. They just wanted to enjoy and with Maddy’s tongue in cheek humour there was never a dull moment. The tour of Lalgarh Palace, the main tourist spot of Bikaner and its royal anecdotes was enchanting. The Prachina museum

Chapter 29 – Inspiring and Fantastico Story Of Gulabo Sapera, The Kalbelia Dancer

“You have an odd sense of beauty”, Maddy said “Odd beauty!”, Tanvi burst out laughing. No one had ever used such a strange adjective to describe her. Tanvi was amused. “Will you be subject of my pictures for this project?” Maddy proposed. Tanvi hesitated. She was never the model type, the fashionable type, infact she

Chapter 27 – Relaxing With Rajasthani Folk Music At Laxmi Niwas Palace, Bikaner

The Open air restaurant was set in the open courtyard of the place with ornately designed magnanimous walls on all sides. Across the manicured garden was the stage where live Rajasthani folk music and dance program was about to start. Round tables covered with pristine white linen with a candle in centre were placed for

Chapter 26 – Royally Fantastico Bikaner

Suhasini froze. She wasn’t crying. She sat blankly looking at that piece of paper. Tears were rolling down Tanvi’s eyes. She had never seen such an unusual love story. When Suhasini was running behind false sense of freedom, it was the new husband who experienced true freedom. And, when the new husband dutifully fulfilled all

Chapter 20 – The Impact Of Journey – From Being A Tourist To A Traveller

The next morning, Jaipur city exploration continued. Tanvi visited the grandiose City Palace, palatial Nahargarh Fort, resplendent Jaigarh Fort, reflective Jal Mahal, verdant Rambagh Palace and, pristine Birla Mandir. This was the first time that Tanvi was being a true traveller – she was inquisitive about the history, she was attentive to architectural details, she

Contrasting Colours of Rajasthan – A Photo Blog

This photo blog is a humble attempt to bring forth the contrasting colours of Rajasthan. Experience the kaleidoscope and be intrigues to explore this land. Do share your experience of this colourful and most travelled state of India – Rajasthan

Shopping in Bikaner, an Insider’s Guide

Bikaner is a lesser known place in Rajasthan. Though still a tourist place but not as heavily promoted as Jaipur or Udaipur. I got a chance to explore Bikaner not once but twice and each time Bikaner blessed me with a special person. First time, I met my husband and got married and second time

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