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Bangalore: City of Dreams

Bangalore is my dream city. Ever since I have started working in the dot com industry, I have been fascinated by this cosmopolitan city of opportunities and geeks. Everywhere, I would hear so-and-so left for Bangalore on a new job with higher payout and better future. My fascination with Bangalore grew further when I was

Groundnut fair in Bangalore

Indian rituals and customs never fail to surprise me. In India we have a cattle fair, a place where a bullet motorcycle is worshiped, a day when you can put your proxy for not praying through the year…the list of interesting festivals and fairs is endless. Just the other day while I was chatting with

10 Experiences of a North Indian In Chennai

A North Indian in Chennai feels both apprehension and excitement. I, too, went through the same process when my husband got posting orders for Chennai. Apprehensive because I have never been down South, not even as tourist and my mind was hazed by common stereotypes that a regular North Indian has for South India. Added

Tranquebar, a Dutch town near Chennai

This is a travel story of how we explored Tranquebar, a Dutch town near Chennai. My Mulish Explorer Neha, my best friend came to Chennai to visit us. She is the only friend who  dared to come and meet us atleast once in our place of posting, be it far flung remote area of Arunachal

Language problems in Chennai for a North Indian

I am a North Indian living in South India past 2 years and trust me the biggest problem down here is Language. For me, who is a housewife this problem becomes manifold basically meaning….limited bargaining opportunities! But truly speaking this is not the most difficult part of it because there are shopping malls everywhere and obviously no bargaining there. For me the most problematic part of not knowing their language is getting bored at public places. YES, I admit blatantly that I tend to hear other people’s conversation…ya ya I know this is not good manners but excuse me…it is the best source of time pass in public places

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