9 Gastronomic Travel Experiences That Every Foodie Must Explore

When you travel and you stumble upon some great food experience you are like ‘ ab travel ka maaja aa gaya boss”. Well! that’s exactly what happened to me when I found these food joints hidden in alleys of famous tourist destination or a food item that is a specialty of a particular place. Here is my list of 9 gastronomic travel experiences served after a satisfied burp!

1.Chew It With Adaab In True Royal Lucknowi Style

Relish gulkand wala meetha paan wrapped in silver warq after dinner while strolling leisurely on the streets of Hazartganz in Lucknow. A specialty of Lucknow’s mughlai gastronomic culture, paan is great for digestion too.

2. Gastronomic Treat – Tunday Kebab in Aminabad, Lucknow

Tunday Kebab is synonymous with Lucknow’s Mughlai cuisine. Favourite of actor Shahrukh Khan, Tunday Kebab is named after its creator, a Khansama (chef of Mughals) who had only one hand. The kebab is a gastronomic treat and simply melts in your mouth. Go for the authentic shop in Aminabad as there are a few name alike also open these days.

3. Soulful Meal At Sai Baba’s Prasadalaya, Shirdi

A huge hall where more than 1000 people can sit together and eat, Prasadalaya is open 24 X 7 X 365 days. It is a sumptuous meal of rice, dal, two kinds of veggies, papad.  Food is cooked using solar power and ultra-modern machines. Peep into their kitchens and you will be amazed to see how systematic and clean this place is. The food is soulful to say the least.

4. Eat At Sharma Ka Dhaba, Chail

If you are visiting Chail then don’t miss eating at Sharma ka dhaba known for simple but lip-smacking local food which is served in a steel thali (plate) and numerous tiny bowls for gravy items. Run by an old couple, you will always be served hot roti alongwith anecdotes sprinkled with local flavour. There is a list of famous who’s who served at this unassuming dhaba.

5.Wholesome South Indian Meal at Murgan Idli, Chennai

At Murugan Idli restaurant a banyan leaf is laid  as soon as you sit (not even a minute is wasted) and an army of people with traditional pots and ladles will come in such speed that you are left startled. Varieties of chutneys, sambhar, vada, idli, dosa, rasam is served within matter of minutes. Along with authentic and finger-licking food it is also an experience.  Within Rs 100 you can have a wholesome South Indian meal. It is a chain of restaurants.

6.Restaurants Named After Bengali Relationships in Haridwar

Named after Bengali relationships like masi-pishi, mama-masi, dada-boudi, and dada-didi these restaurants are quite common in Haridwar. At mere Rs 70 you get an authentic Bengali thali with unlimited rice, dal, aloo posto, begun bhaja, chutney and many more delicacies. But the highlight is, serving of ghee by clanking the spoon to the vessel, raising the hand high up and then dropping ghee down to your plate at a jet speed. If you are on the street then don’t miss this pocket friendly treat.

7.Mouth-watering Thali At Chotiwala, Rishikesh

Chotiwala is an iconic restaurant that goes synonymous with the city of Rishikesh. Located scenically on the banks of Ganges, the showstopper of this restaurant is a decorated fat Brahmin with an upright choti(ponytail) sitting on a high chair at the front door. No trip to Rishikesh is incomplete without posing with this Brahmin. All kinds of state thalis are served here – North Indian, Gujrati, Bengali etc.

8. Romantic Breakfast In English Style At Harshil

Wake up to witness the majestic beauty of pristine mountains from your balcony where once upon a time English lords and ladies spent their summers. Enjoy a hearty breakfast in true British style, listening to stories of ‘English Raj’ amidst panoramic views of majestic mountains behind, gurgling River Ganga underneath and greenery of apple orchards.

9. Tea tasting in Darjeeling

If you are a tea connoisseur then do attend a tea tasting tour in Darjeeling. Happy Valley Tea garden is one of the few tea estates that organises guided tea tours for tourists. Apart from lot of cups of tea that you get to taste, the story of a common beverage from shrubs to shops is also quite interesting and informative.

Experience Credit- Alka Kaushik (Blogger and Master Traveller)

I am sure you already have a lot of gastronomic travel experiences up your sleeves after reading this. Please write all bout them in the comment section below and let other foodies sniff it also.



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