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I am a travel blogger and today I will admit that I did wish for planet voyaging.  However, the adult mind would negate these silly thoughts with reason and logic, and I would stick to exploring planet Earth for this lifetime. Well, there are some wishes that do come true and mine too did, though with a creative twist. Colgate gave me this opportunity to creatively explore planets with my kid.

My son, Athindra, 3 years old was quite excited to receive a gift especially when the cutouts of planets were ready for planet exploration is his latest fad and he wants to become a pilot so that he can fly to Jupiter. Currently, I am trying to teach him the word ‘ astronaut’ 🙂


Once the planet cutouts from the packaging of colgate was ready, I told him to tell me a story using those and he was more than happy to play along. As a mother, I felt proud  of his creativity at an improptu request. Athindra, not only involved all the characters but also used voice intonations and dramatic pauses to stress upon. Frankly, I was surprisingly impressed for I didn’t think he will be able to do it in first take.

So, no editing, no takes – I bring Athindra’s planet exploration story as it was told in the first attempt itself.

The dishuku-dishku fight between Sun and Venus. The coming of girl astronaut( making tak-tak sound) to fight the alien monster. The flying of rocket and swish-swashing between planets. The Sun asking for help – bhago-bhago and the conversation between sun and comet with a dash of comedy was the high point of the trip.


My trip to planet was an awesome experience with my son. 1,2,3….go – let’s just be bold and creative with all our travels too.

There is an important lesson to learn in this exercise for us adults too – Go with the flow.

Hope you guys enjoyed our planet exploration.

I want to express my heartfelt thanks to #ColgateMagicalStories activity for bringing forth such a beautiful side of my son and letting us cherish a memorable experience. Now, not only my son can count mostly all the names of planet on his little finger but he has started enjoying his teeth brushing time. No jhik-jhik now!


“I’m blogging my #ColgateMagicalstories at BlogAdda in association with Colgate.



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