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The road drive from Chennai to Mahabalipuram is 56 kms via the ECR Road and it takes roughly 2 hours. I love to look out of the window and have this strange realization feeling that everything is constantly moving and passing by. Nothing and nobody will wait for you. It was post sunset; we entered the grandiose Radisson Blu Resort Temple Bay and were welcomed by traditional tilak, a sea-shell necklace and tender coconut drink. The next two days were to be total bliss; I knew it at that very moment.

As we were driven towards my room in a baggi, I was hit by the panoramic beauty of the resort – lush green as far as your eyes can see, meticulously maintained manicured lawns, meandering swimming pool, wooden bridges across, an overlapping blue and green shade of nature and a delightful peace.

7 Unique Experiences To Explore At Radisson Blu Resort Temple Bay, Mamallapuram


1.     Jotting Inspiration For My Dream House

For me, it is always the first look of the room that is the critical decisive quotient of my vacation happiness. The room was designed in earthy flavours, taking pride in state’s art, the Kanchipuram silk weaving. The interior was balanced with bright hues of Kanchipuram silk fabric and earthy tones. Overlooking the pool, this room was my little piece of heaven. People often say that a hotel room is a home away from the home, I would rather tweak the advertisement – a hotel room is the ideal room that you always dream to be in! At Radisson Blu Temple Bay Resort, I got that room, the dream room.

My Room

Trust me; I scribbled a lot of notes taking inspiration from room layout of this resort in my “Dream House Notebook”. Yes, I am maintaining a diary and note down all that I want to be in my dream house which I will build someday J

2.     Splendid Landscape With The Meandering Pool

My standard definition of a swimming pool was completely reversed at this resort’s two unique pool concepts – meandering pool and infinity pool.

27000 square foot of pool meandering through the resort makes this place Asia’s largest pool resort. You can see the complete resort through waterways, swimming underneath the bridges amidst greenery; it is truly a unique experience. You cna very well imagine the beautiful landscape with the meandering pool in it. Words can’t do justice to the panoramic beauty. A perfect photo op too J

The Zorb ball activity was quite enticing though being a claustrophobic my antenna was perched on alert. Though, I did enjoy watching others zorbing away!

3.     Merging With The Sea At The Infinity Pool

The Infinity Pool

Enjoying an uninterrupted view of the sea floating at the edge of infinity pool is to say the least, a meditative and soulful experience. Dipped in the cold water of the infinity pool, looking over to the notorious sea of Mahabalipuram shore, the waves crashing by aggressively, the magnificent beauty of the shore temple at your extreme right, the sun playing hide and seek from the tall palm trees, it was a surreal experience.

4.     A Treat To Five Sense At The Wharf

Have you ever eaten a prawn grilled over lava stones imported from the volcanoes? Yeah! Sounds totally hot and it did taste exotic.

Gourmet cusine cooked on lava stones imported from volcanoes

A gastronomic delight sitting by the crashing waves, under a moonlit sky, feet in the sand and chardonnay in hand, The Wharf is the most romantic dinner setting I have ever experienced. Though, I was not with my partner but I loved every bit pampering myself. The seven course appetizing dinner interspersed with intellectual conversation is definitely my kinda dinner date.

The desert platter

The Sea Food Fresh Menu

While at dinner I would often glance at the ravishing sea absorbed in the sound of waves feeling the salty breeze on skin, the enchanting and encompassing sea becoming one with you.

5.     Transcendental Pampering At The Bodhi Spa

At Bodhi Spa, it not only rejuvenates your body but leaves an indelible impression on your soul for the experience has the ability to temporarily eliminate factors of time, space and self.

At Bodhi Spa

Not that I was tired but the spa here was irresistible. I was suggested for a sea salt exploiting rub followed by royal Thai Massage and a full body mineral mint wrap by the ever- energetic and smiling spa manger. When I told him, I have a splitting headache owing to climate change, he immediately arranged for a relaxing head massage. After spending 3 hours at the Bodhi Spa, I came out transformed and so happy in my skin. Was it a new me or just that I was reconnected to original me?

6.     Philanthropy At Heart Kind Of Responsible Tourism


What I liked most about my stay at the Raddison Blu Temple Bay Resort was the deep sense of philanthropy when I saw traditional and on verge of being extinct dance forms being supported and encouraged by GRT under responsible tourism. It was an awe-inspiring performance to see the local artists performing with such grace and agility. My special favourite was this guy who gave in the tadka of drama, dance, and even adventure into his performance – drinking from a bottle of fanta while balancing a matka on his head and over his neck, standing on pointed objects, spitting fire and so much more. A complete box office show! And, all this you can enjoy sipping your favourite spirit and relaxing by the beach.

7.     Walk By The Beach

My definition of a perfect morning is a stroll on the wet beach with slippers in my hand, leaving footprints as I walk by, shouting out a loud Goodmorninggg to the rising sun amidst the sound of waves crashing by my feet and then sipping a perfected brewed filter coffee watching the fishermen boats floating in deep sea.

I did get my perfect morning at the Raddison Blu Resort Temple Bay. What a way to start my day! When I grow old, I wish to start everyday like this.

You must be thinking, I didn’t write anything about the history, mythology and architecture of the world heritage site of Mamallapuram. You know, firstly, I was enjoying the luxury and pampering of Radission Blu Temple Bay resort so much that I hardly stepped out and secondly, you can read all about with one click on Google search, right.

What Google can never tell you is how the place makes you feel like, how it transforms you, how you align your Yin and Yan and find your Zen. For all these experiential information, you have bloggers like me and for everything else there is Google.

Go on a vacation, take a break and reconnect with your own self.

Stay tuned for my next day experience of a small yet the most vibrant temple city of Kanchipuram. And, a special note to ladies like me whose vacation is incomplete without a shopping spree – loads of genuine shopping trivia and tips for you!

This was an invited trip. However, as always opinions are my own!



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