8 Exclusive Travel Experiences For Kids

“Engaging a child positively while travelling is a task in itself”

I am sure all hassled parents must be nodding in ‘Aye’ at this. We want to take our kids to a destination where they can learn something and have meaningful experience to bring back home. Thus, I crafted this list of 8 exclusive travel experiences for kids. Plan your next vacation by taking cues from here and make them happy.


1. Relive Your Childhood At Doll House, Delhi

Doll House in Delhi is a museum that not only kids but elders also love to go. Here you will find an amazing collection of doll from across the world. Each doll has a story to tell about her history, geography and socio-cultural-political context. All this learning is done in a fun way. A must go place for kids.

2. Spot Dolphins At Chilika Lake, Orissa

It is only at Chilika Lake in Orissa where you can find dolphins in India. Post a three hour long boat ride, scenic beauty, water as far as you can see and migratory birds finally you will see dolphins at a spot where the lake merges with the sea. Take the early morning boat for some picturesque lens capture.

3. Motivate Your Kids At Sanawar School

Take your young kids to Sanawar school in Kasauli and motivate them to excel. This heritage school with exemplary architecture has been standing tall and imparting excellent education since British era. Speak to resident students of this school and they will tell you all about Sanawarians with a glint of pride in their eyes.

4. Learn All About Houses At Dakshinachitra, Near Chennai

Did you know that every community in India had a different style of building a house and it was intricately connected to socio-economic lifestyle and historical aspects? This is a museum with a twist. It is a living museum where houses from various communities and era of South India are built. You can go inside the houses and get a peep into their lifestyle. Apart from this, indulge in some handicraft shopping.

5. Enjoy Boating And Playing With Ducks

Boating in Sukhna Lake, Chandigarh

Boating in Sukhna Lake, Chandigarh

Spend some family time paddling and boating together in Sukhna Lake which looks absolutely magical during evening. Orangish-blue haze of setting sun, clear water, musical fountains and rows of ducks paddling and doing antics like walking in a straight line followed by a flippty-flop, is sure to entertain and regal the kids.

6. Teach Recycling To Kids At Rock Garden, Chandigarh

Rock Garden of Chandigarh is a unique garden made out of recycled waste. Brainchild of Nek Chand, a Padma Shree awardee who started working on it secretly in 1957; this place is inspiring. At every bend you will be surprised to see a daily use object like switches, broken bangles, broken crockery and so many such mundane things turned into pieces of art d’ decor. There are lots for kids to learn apart from a swing garden to play and run around.

7. A Shot From 3 Idiots Movie in Chail

Remember that famous sequence from 3 Idiots in Chanchad Bhawan where the 3 Idiots threaten to flush down the urn of ashes? Well, that wasn’t shot in Shimla (as depicted in the film), but was shot here – the lobby of ‘Palace Hotel’ in Chail!

Experience and Picture Credit by Ajay Sood (Acclaimed traveller)

8. Kasauli Church Where John Abraham Confessed To Father

The opening scene of Madras Cafe where John Abraham tells his story to father was shot at this Kasauli Church. Located on the other side of the Mall road this old church is a must see. Check the sun dial at the church and figure out how it works – a small mental exercise.

Have something more to add? Please write about your experience in the comment below so that it can help parents who are planning a vacation with restless kids.




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